David Golek - Guitar
Mike Roelofs - Harmonium
Daniel Mester - Clarinet
Bela Horvat - Violin & Mandola

‘TILTAN’ in the Hebrew language means ‘a Clover’, which is a symbol of good fortune.
Tiltan's music is composed and arranged by guitarist David Golek.
Born to Polish father and a French-Algerian mother, growing up in Europe, South America & Israel, speaking several languages, studying and being exposed to different sorts of music, traditions, religions, war conflicts, created a determination for a musical and spiritual search. A search for unity and creating bridges between cultures.
This music is result, one may say, of all these life experiences. Each and every song has a story, and the music flows through a range of landscapes and emotions.

Fragment from the press {full (inter)national reviews on the website}:
This CD from the music group Tiltan is a enlightening example of how global musical styles can blend together... organic, imaginative & warmblooded music full of fantasy....The music of Tiltan breathes utter freedom and universal humanity. A soothing answer to the upcoming xenophobia that is currently expanding in Europe. (Het Parool)

The music itself could be described as a mixture of folklore, contemporary composition, jazz and improvisation, with influences from the Middle East, South America, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Jewish music.
The musicians who join this journey are exceptional and enrich its outcome with their own cultural identities; this results in a fresh and colourful variation of music, difficult to identify as a specific genre, leaving a wide open window for your imagination.

Tiltan's CD 'A Road Less Traveled’, alongside live performances, has been well received by the press and received excellent critique. The album itself has been voted amongst the best 20 CD's of the year 2014, and was chosen as one of the 5 best World-music CD's of the year 2014 by 'Het Parool' (NL).

For band page please visit: www.tiltanmusic.com


David Golek - Guitar, vocals
Sean Fasciani (USA) - Bass
Etienne Nillesen (NL) - Drums

A multi facet and expressive international trio consisting of some of the finest players in the Dutch scene. The repertoire consists of original compositions by David Golek influenced partially by his origins , jazz standards and spontaneity defined by the moment.. The trio can turn from lyrical Jazz atmospheres to hard grooves with many surprises on the way.

The trio seeks for new borders in it's music, keeping an open ear to all sorts of music being done today, embracing as well some of today's technology possibilities, while keeping a subtle way to use it and keeping the musicality above all.


David Golek - Guitar, Vocals, Compositions
Mike Roelofs - Hammond Organ, Compositions
Achim Heine - Drums, Compositions

The music of GOLEK/ HEINE/ ROELOFS is based on original compositions by it's 3 members.
Their basic sound originates in the Organ/ Guitar/ drums jazz tradition, mixing different musical directions such as Israeli/middle eastern/Jewish, folk and asymmetrical grooves. The trio expands at times to using electronics and effects as well.
The 3 musicians come from different backgrounds musically and geographically, a fact that adds an extra dimension to the outcome of their music. These 3 versatile musicians have played with various world class performers, and here are joining forces to create an exciting pallet of music mixing the diligence & dedication of the ant along with the wide horizons seen from the heights of a flying bird.
New cd to be released in mid 2018. Details on website.
(Web: www.flightoftheant.com)


Simin Tander - Vocals
David Golek - Electric and classical guitars, vocals, percussion, effects.

'FOLK SONGS FROM ANOTHER LAND' is the name of the new cd release performed by David Golek and Simin Tander . The music consists of songs which reflect a journey in time, a journey into their own roots, inspired by stories of their families' generations, and their current present as well. This is a unique musical meeting between 2 artists with a rich ethnic and musical background, who made themselves a name in the music scene. Their music mixes World music, Jazz, improvisation, electronics along with a present folkish quality. Their music can be described as fresh, deep, touching, humorous, mystical and spontaneously entertaining.

For band page please visit: www.davidandsimin.com


David Golek - Guitars, vocals, effects.

The idea of this solo project came after a number of collaborations with modern dance projects with whom I had the chance to participate playing live on the basis of an Impro-dance-music. This new solo project is a journey exploring sound, textures, lines and spaces, and combines also, as the project's title suggests, meditative aspects while diving into ambiences and moods suggested by the moment.



Less known Brazilian repertoire throughout Brazil's various composers & original material. The duo is sometimes joined by well-known guest musicians.

Nelson Latif - 7 string guitar, Cavaquinho, voice.
David Golek - Guitars, voice.
Daniel de Moraes - Guitar
Breno Viricimo - Bass
Olaf Keus - Drums & percussion

DAD OR ALIVE TRIO (D/NL/IL) (and 4tet with Mike Roelofs)

'DAD' happen to be our names' initials, and we also happen to become dads at the same time.
The trio plays mainly own compositions ranging between existential funk to asymetric christmas miniature songs from the post Kim Jong Il era.
Achim Heine - Drums + compositions
David de Marez Oyens - Electric Bass + compositions
David Golek - Guitar + compositions
and guest:
Mike Roelofs - Piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond.


Ben Schroeder - Drums
Bob Wijnen - Hammond Organ
David Golek - Guitar

A dynamic trio combining originals & Jazz standards.


The David Golek/ Berend Van Den Berg has been best described as a dynamic, poetic and soulful duo, presenting a blend of original composition and Jazz standards.
In the Jazz tradition a guitar/ piano duo is quite rare because of the similar range and functions these instruments play and therefore tend more easily to clash in their playing with one another. In order for it to work out well you need musicians with great musicality, sense of space & timing and above all mutual respect.
This duo was created in 2012 with 2 musicians who took the challenge to explore new ways of playing their own original music as well as Jazz standards in own arrangements.
Berend Van Den Berg - Piano
David Golek - Guitar


Oleg Fateev- Bayan, vocals and compositions
David Golek - Guitars, vocals and compositions

'Bayan player Oleg Fateev and Guitarist David Golek form a dynamic duo presenting their own compositions and arrangements.
The two come from different life & musical backgrounds, a fact that creates unique results.
Both players are also accomplished composers, having a strong sense of their own traditions along with interesting life stories.
You can hear beautiful melodies and harmonic textures, strong uplifting rhythms, exciting improvisations and interesting stories which stand behind their music.
Oleg & David play often together in music group 'Tiltan', which got nice recognition, besides running their own projects.'