This debut CD from the music group Tiltan is a enlightening example of how global musical styles can blend together. The improvising Dutch violist Oene van Geel together with the Moldavian Bayan player Oleg Fateev, the Israeli composer and guitar player David Golek and the Argentinian clarinet player Natalio Sued interact their musical inspirations on Golek's compositions intimately. Listening to this organic, imaginative & warmblooded music full of fantasy makes one realize that naming the musicians' heritage is actually not so relevant. People, therefore musicians as well, happen to come from everywhere and nowhere. Qualifying them as 'crossing global boundaries' may sound a bit old fashioned these days. The music of Tiltan breathes utter freedom and universal humanity. A soothing answer to the upcoming xenophobia that is currently expanding in Europe.

Saskia Tornqvist ('Het Parool' , NL - June 2014)

* 'Outstanding original compositions written by David Golek. Golek is a talented guitarist with a deep melodic sense, full of imagination and integrity' (Globes magazine).

* 'Golek is a guitarist who writes music without stylistic borders. He does not deal with free-jazz but rather the freedom to make jazz in a soulful and unrestricted way. Golek works with a versatile group.' (Maariv newspaper, Israel).

* ' A soloist with surprising flexibility. A band with their own character ' (NRC handelsblad, Holland).

* 'David Golek is a young guitarist who has developed a beautiful and mature way of jazz playing. The Album is not pretencious and reflects purity like the ideas of peace and love, which Golek talks about and practices himself. We had the opportunity a short while ago to listen to him at the 'Jamboree' in Barcelona, where we could see that it concerns a modest and dilligent musician . A real discovery. (Rated 4 stars out of five).'Guitarra Actual (Spain)

* 'Golek gathered European musicians from different countries to create a fine, delicate, dream-like and funky album, which it's concept is that things can be done differently. A personal yearning for peace which combines a Brazilian touch, sophisticated 'around the fire'-like songs, and intimate funk. Stiring and sophisticated.'
The Third Ear magazine (Israel).

* "...there is passionate musicianship and the atmosphere is there."
"With this cd David Golek is profiled as a Jazz-guitarist with his own style, which will find the way to a lot of musical hearts."
(Translated from 'Muziek Wereld' review, Holland)

* "Ingenious Compositions."
(Translated from 'De Limburger', Holland)

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